Clintel on Tour – Headwind North East Twente

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9 April, 2024

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Vrijhof UT Amphitheater

The impact of large-scale energy generation with wind turbines.
Clintel on Tour with Bert Weteringe in collaboration with the Tegenwind Noordoost Twente Foundation

Entrance €5 including coffee/tea.

The beautiful Dutch landscape is rapidly changing into an industrial environment, filled with mega wind turbines.
This is also the case in Northeast Twente, much to the concern of many residents.
Stichting Tegenwind Noordoost Twente and Clintel are therefore joining forces for this second edition of Clintel on Tour on Tuesday, April 9 in Enschede.
Bert Weteringe is an aircraft engineer, author of the book 'Windhandel' and is one of the speakers at this evening with the theme: what is the impact of this large-scale energy generation with wind turbines on people, nature and society and how can you as a resident turn the tide?

Everybody is welcome.

On the program:

  • Jan Nijhuis of the Tegenwind Noordoost Twente Foundation
  • Lossen resident Leo van der Stelt, mechanical engineer, former senior lecturer at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. He has been involved in wind energy projects for a long time and is involved with the Living with the Earth Foundation, which is concerned about the environmental effects of wind farms and wants to promote sustainable coexistence of all life, plants, trees, animals and people with the earth.
  • Bert Weteringe is the author of the book 'Windhandel', writes for and takes you through the energy transition, the impact on your wallet and the enormous consequences of wind turbines on people, nature and society.

Discussion led by Marry Dijkshoorn of the Clintel Foundation.

About Bert Weteringe

Bert Weteringe, author of the book 'Windhandel', is an aircraft engineer and has specialized in the development and certification of lightweight materials and processes for aviation applications. He worked at various institutions and companies, including TU Delft and Fokker.
Bert is a free thinker, follows his intuition and likes to do his own research. He started writing in 2022, which resulted in the book 'Windhandel'.
He is also a member of the Association of Free Journalists and writes articles as an independent investigative journalist for the Clintel Foundation.
For the time being, his focus is on the energy transition, and wind energy in particular.

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  • Vrijhof UT Amphitheater
  • De Veldmaat 5
  • Enschede
  • Overijssel
  • 7522 NM
  • The Netherlands

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  • 9 April, 2024 19:30
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