The new thinking for green and growth
There are no limits to growth. The Earth can easily support 10 billion people. Solar panels and wind turbines are a costly mistake, nuclear energy is the future. Organic agriculture will not feed the world, intensive agriculture will. The followers of so-called ecomodernism, a new movement of green thinkers and doers, are decidedly optimistic about the future. They believe in economic growth, not moderation. They view the world soberly and break with romantic ideas about living in harmony with nature. Ecomodernists therefore come up with a surprising agenda to ensure more nature and a cleaner environment.

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We wrote this book in a few months with a group of seven journalists, namely Marco Visscher, Ralf Bodelier, Hidde Boersma, Joost van Kasteren, Bart Coenen (Flanders), Rypke Zeilmaker and myself.

Publisher Nieuw Amsterdam Paperback (304 pages)